Little Caesars Is Testing a 'S'mores & More' Dessert

Published 06-11-2019

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Melty s'mores are a true summer campfire treat, but Little Caesars is testing a s'mores dessert that you don't need to build a fire to enjoy. But there's a catch.

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For the first time ever, Little Caesars is dipping into the desset world with a chocolatey treat called S'mores & More. The Little Caesars website describes it as a "shareable dessert featuring a fudgy brownie and blondie cake, topped with marshmallow drizzle, chocolate chunks and graham cracker crumbles."

It's served up in a small pan, so you don't need to stack together crackers and try to toast your marshmallow just so. Instead, just grab a plate and a spoon and serve up whatever size portion you're craving. But you may want to watch your portion size: The entire dish comes in at 1280 calories. It's priced at $6.

Little Caesars Spotted Selling New S'mores And More Dessert: #chewboom

- ChewBoom (@ChewBoom) June 10, 2019

But here's that catch: Right now, the divine dessert is being tested only in Elkhart, Indiana, according to food blog Brand Eating. We spotted it on the chain's website only when we plugged in Elkhart as our location.

Little Caesars didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but in the past, the chain has told The Daily Meal that items are often tested in various U.S. markets.

"Little Caesars has a long history of innovation and continually tests products to consider for our menu," a representative told us about an earlier test product, the Quattro Crust pizza. "While we test many, only a select few make the cut."

If the S'mores & More dessert makes it to national menus, we'll let you know. S'mores are not just a campfire staple, but a reminder that chocolate can play many tasty roles in our diet. Here are 15 things you should cover with chocolate.

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